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Wireless Charger Buying Guide

Wireless chargers are a relatively new technology, so we've put together a short guide to help you understand the differences and find the right device for your needs.

What type of wireless charger would best suit you?

The first (and most important) consideration is thinking about where you'll actually use your charger. Wireless charging is all about convenience -- you want to be able to set down your smart device and know that it'll be charging for you.

Embedded wireless charger

Embedded wireless chargers are physically installed into a surface -- so by their very nature you'll be fairly restricted in how often you can move these devices. Some great uses could be bedside tables, lounge side tables or bench tops where you frequently place your phone. Embedded wireless chargers are intended to seamlessly integrate with your decor and are a stylish addition to most surfaces.

Desktop wireless chargers

Desktop wireless chargers are simply plug and play chargers; they offer convenience in the form of only needing to be plugged in once and then providing a charging surface for your device. You can easily setup these desktop wireless chargers around your house on most surface tops, in your bedroom or even the office. These are highly flexible devices and can be easily relocated should you change your mind.

Vehicle wireless chargers

Vehicle wireless chargers are engineered to be plugged into your car and provide a convenient, reliable surface for charging your phones on the go. Designed to attach to -- or sit on -- surfaces in your vehicle, these wireless chargers have been manufacturer with anti-slip surfaces to help ensure your device stays in place while you drive.

Battery wireless chargers

Battery wireless chargers offer on-the-go wireless charging for your smart phone. These devices would typically be charged overnight and then used throughout the day as a power battery backup to keep your phone topped up.

What does 'fast charging' mean?

Fast Charge is the generic name given to technology for charging a battery faster than usual. To put it simply, it is as straightforward as increasing the amount of power supplied to the device's battery by increasing the voltage, the amperage, or both. Fast Charge chargers are those that charge at over 5W; that is either 7.5W (Apple) or 9W (Android). It is important to keep in mind that fast charging will only work when used with a USB adapter that supports it.

How many coils do I need?

For an induction charger (wireless charger) to start charging, the receptor coil (located in your smart device) must be placed over the transmitter coil(s) (located in the wireless charger). The more coils available in the wireless charger makes the charging surface larger and makes placing your device properly a little easier.

Effectively, having extra coils just means you do not need to be as precise when placing your smart device on the charger to get the full performance from your wireless charger. A properly placed device on a single coil will receive the full throughput of the charger.

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