Stay Charged is dedicated to providing commercial-grade wireless charging.

Commercial-grade wireless charging solutions.

Stay Charged is an Australian owned team dedicated to providing commercial-grade wireless charging solutions.

With over 2,000 commercial wireless chargers installed each year, we are here to help with your next project or specification.
Over a billion smartphones now support wireless charging.
Transform any surface into a wireless charging point.
Keep your customers happier and staying longer.

Happy customers stay longer and spend more.

9 out 10 people experience battery anxiety when they are out and about. With smartphones becoming ever more essential parts of daily living, stand out from the crowd by offering a quick, convenient and safe solution for customers, clients or employees to stay topped up.

Transform any surface into a wireless charger!

Add an embedded or hidden wireless charger to your space and instantly transform your surfaces into wireless chargers that will keep your customer's phones topped up and happy.

Our wireless charging solutions can be integrated into virtually any surface, so you can add value to your customers or keep your employee's charged.

Leading brands trust Stay Charged to help keep their customers charged.

Embedded Wireless Charger

Zetten Fast

The Zetten Fast embedded wireless charger offers the convenience of wireless charging in a sleek and minimalist package designed especially for commercial use.
Safe and securely embedded wireless charger
Provides up to 10W Fast Charge to compatible devices
Certified to Qi 1.2.4 Standards for safe charging
Only 1.5mm above the surface for a sleek finish
Hidden Wireless Charger

Surface Charger

Surface Wireless Charger is a practical 10W FAST CHARGE wireless charger with an advanced design that allows it to charge through surfaces up to 25 mm thick.
Hidden wireless charger needs no surface alteration
Provides up to 10W Fast Charge for compatible devices
Compliant with Qi 1.2.4 Standards for safe charging
Charges through surfaces 10-25mm thick
“Our customers love them!”
“Quick and easy to install.”
“Discrete and stylish addition.”

Keep your customers staying longer and spending more.

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Over 4,000 commercial-grade wireless chargers around Australia

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