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Hidden Wireless Charger

SC40: Surface Charger

The SC40 Surface Wireless Charger is a practical 10W FAST CHARGE wireless charger with an advanced design that allows it to charge through surfaces up to 40mm thick.
Enjoy up to 10W Fast Charge wireless charging speeds on compatible devices.
Compliant to Qi Version 1.2.4 Wireless Charging Standards for safe wireless charging.
Safe and secure hidden wireless charging solution.
Charges through surfaces  between 20mm and 40mm thick.
Optional surface sticker is included, or use a custom sticker.

Easy retrofitting solution can be installed in a matter of minutes.

The SC40 Surface Charger is a great choice for retrofitting into existing installations as it does not require routing or surface alterations.

Encourage your customers to stay longer and spend more

Portray your business as modern and future-ready by integrating the Surface Charger into your workspace or venue.
Over 4,000 furniture chargers installed around Australia
Sleek and stylish design for a minimalist finish
No surface drilling or modification required
Safe and effective charging technology

Leading brands trust Stay Charged to help keep their customers charged.

Advanced design allows wireless charging through surfaces between 20mm and 40mm thick

Utilising wireless induction charging technology, the Surface Charger can provide up to 10W FAST CHARGE through any non-metallic surface up to 40mm thick, ensuring rapid and effective charging of your mobile devices.

Compliant with Qi Version 1.2.4 Standards for safe and efficient charging

The Surface Charger is compliant with WPC 1.2.4 wireless charging standards to ensure it provides safe and effective charging, with smart safety features built in such as foreign object detection.
“Our customers love them!”
“Quick, easy and smooth install.”
“Great value addition, modern design.”

Keep your customers staying longer and spending more.

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Over 4,000 commercial-grade wireless chargers around Australia

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