Stay Charged is dedicated to providing commercial-grade wireless charging.
Battery Powered Wired & Wireless Charging

BS60: Battery Station

The BS60 Battery Station provides battery-powered wired (USB-A and Type-C) and wireless charging solutions and is perfect for commercial spaces such as restaurants, cafeʼs, and office fit-outs where people need to be able to charge their devices quickly and conveniently.
Charge laptops and devices using the 60W Type-C port.
Charge phones and tablets using the 18W USB-A port.
Optional 15W wireless charging pad available.
20,000 mAh Battery Capacity provides convenient charging for up to 6 phones.
Compliant to Qi Version 1.2.4 Wireless Charging Standards for safe wireless charging.

Advanced battery station solution allows charging without wall sockets.

The BS60 Battery Station Charger has a 20,000 mAh battery (enough to charge up to two smartphones and a full laptop battery from empty) which can be inserted and removed using a safety key. This makes it easy to provide wired and wireless charging solutions in spaces that do not have access to wall sockets.

Versatile charging solution with Type-C, USB-A and wireless charging solutions.

Supporting 60W Type-C charging, 18W USB-A charging and an optional 15W wireless charging module, the BS60 is a versatile solution that allows guests to keep their devices topped up using their preferred charging method.

Encourage your customers to stay longer and spend more

Portray your business as modern and future-ready by integrating the Battery Station into your workspace or venue.
Over 7,000 furniture chargers installed around Australia
Sleek and stylish design for a minimalist finish
Minimal surface alterations required
Safe and effective charging technology

Leading brands trust Stay Charged to help keep their customers charged.

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